Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tote Votes

So I am taking the plunge and going into the tote market. I am nervous because its a lot of money...but then again buying paper is just as just get more. So the bags I am using are a bit more expensive, but lovely and made from 100% recycled cotton...whatever that means. Now the issue is which image do I do the choices as I see them for this first run of 36 bags are 1.

And 2. which would be outlines only and maybe yellow fill on the ducks.

Toss up really. They are two of the biggest sellers. I want to do the duck moose one, but it might be more of a pain in the butt. We will see. thoughts?


jodihoover said...

I hope you don't find the friendly "blog-stalking". Thanks to google reader I actually keep up with blogs and such these days.

Anyway, my vote is for the cat tote with the gray fill. In fact I know several people that I would buy that for. I think you'll loose too much detail with the moose ducks. Although my vote could probably be swayed if I saw moose ducks in graphic form.

Jes said...

I'm voting for the 1st one since I have the duck duck moose on my wall. :) And I'll totally buy one of the totes too!

Alexandra said...

duck duck duck and cover.

Anonymous said...

I vote on duck duck moose. But I wish it was the "When life gives you a lemon get a goat." :)