Wednesday, July 22, 2009

flap your hands

Crazy week...and its only half way done. I have been scrambling to work on my website images, new post cards for mailing, printing business cards, and getting new pieces of work printed for my portfolio to send of to my agent. Free time? What free time.
I have graduated to the level of selling greeting card a week on etsy which is awesome as I initially would send one a month. No one is buying prints interestingly, but not all that surprising as people feel better about parting with a couple bucks vs 20some.
I am working on getting more greeting cards into the other Joe stores, but once again laziness is holding me back. I think I am waiting on my site to be set up so that when folks buy the cards and go to my site they will be more likely to revisit if its a good site....excuses really. I think tomorrow I will go to Waverly and drop some off. Its hard to make myself go to places after work I just want to go home and be lazy.
After this round of agent stuff/greeting cards is done I am going to start working on the children's book that is in my head. I know what it is going to be about and I can see the pictures in my head, but I am nervous anyway. I am worried that I will start it and realize it looks dumb. I think enough people have said "you should do children's books" that at this point I should just get down to business. I am going to need lots of feed back.

Ok off to work on the website and then to prospect park to reconnect to the world of the living.

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