Friday, July 24, 2009

tasty treat

I have had this in outline form and finally colorized it.
Last night I began one of the big projects I had in my brain. I have spent my free time printing and doing the 60% of what illustrators do, which is not illustration but promotion related. So now that shelling out money, mailing packets, and getting supplies is done for the moment I am starting the children's book project. I have been waiting on this for fear that once I began it I would realize it was pointless and flat. So far its cute and interesting so that is encouraging. I am just story boarding and once I establish frames I will begin writing. I think after the writing is done I can look at the images, weed them down to key frames, and finalize the images. I vaguely remember from children's book class in school that an average children's book has 10 illustrations. This might not seem like a big deal, but it means that the images really have to count. I cannot do a mediocre image because that's 1/10 of the book. Anyway, I am going to be taking books out from the library by Oliver Jeffers a great illustrator of children's books.
Another project I have in mind is doing a walking guide of NY. I think it will be journaly and might be a stale idea, but I thought it would be fun for me and at least be a good personal portfolio piece if nothing else. I thought I would establish my surroundings and walk through my day. It will be a bit different in the feeling...much more train of thought and messy. I am looking at work by Sabrina Ward Harrison, Vivian Swift (thank you Ester for showing me this...I know I stole it by accident and will return it in the same shape I took it in..unlike the water stained book that shall not be named) and Sara Midda.
If all this were not enough I am going to put together a catalog of my work for giving out to retail establishments. I want to do a greeting card sheet to mail out and I thought I should include the totes, plates, books, and mugs.
Ok, I guess I should go as these projects will not begin themselves....


don'tcallmeauntie said...

All your drawings are fantastic! I only wish I could be there to help you sell them (instead of being in 'the ture north strong and free')!

Cheryl Lynn said...

This is a wonderful to do list. I'm checking out the artist you have listed because I need to get to work on the licensing stuff, myself.

You are a true inspiration, and you're right, I'd better to it, these projects will most certainly NOT start themselves:)