Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling blue

I have been setting some goals for myself since recent bleh of being undervalued. I have a lead on a potential freelance job, but until it is secured I am not going to talk about it except to say that it is a national ad campaign. I have found any time I talk about something is turns into nothing or something disappointing. I am not superstitious just being cautious.
In a couple of days I go to Canada and with me I am bringing two new watercolor blocks, a watercolor pad, a new watercolor friendly sketchbook, a new watercolor brush (a free is really nice but made out of squirrel hair...ew), and I might get a new palette sponge. I have a small palette with a stay wet sponge that is so old it is disintegrating.
One of the great things about working in gouache is the relative low supply cost. Once you have the paint (which is expensive upfront dont get me wrong a .47 fl oz tube can be as much as 16 dollars), the paper is relatively cheap or can be and one can get a pack of brushes for 4 dollars at Michaels or other craft stores. The quality of brushes does not affect the quality of work in my opinion and you can make a palette from a damp paper towl and a tupper ware if you choose.
I happen to have a stock pile of matte board from PC which deals with paint better than the textured water color paper. I think you can even buy remnants of matte board at framing stores, or photography studios.

Lalalaaa, back to work.


Anonymous said...

Char, I love this one. It's so elegant, classy, and just a tad bit snarky. Hearts and good vibes your way.

Alexandra said...

I also like these ALOT. they are so clean.

Amberbop said...

I feel like a painting like this should pick you up ;) It's super cool. I'm cheery about you joining us at Water Color Wednesday! Have fun in Canada.