Friday, September 4, 2009

a squeegee on both your houses

So my Epson 1250 perfection scanner died today. It is old...from college old. It was on clearance for 24 dollars. Over the years it has developed this weird creaking noise when it scans it sounds something like a dry squeegee being dragged along a window, but it works. Today, midscan it made this clunk clunk noise and then nothing. I opened the lid and the scanning mechanism tried to move like a wounded squirrel. The pole that holds it on its axis had fallen out of place. It was a sad moment. The idea of having to buy another scanner at full price broke my heart. So I did something I would only have been able to do if I wasn't completely sure the scanner was broken.
I got out the screwdriver and opened up my scanner. I took the top off, popped the spoke back into space, used some duct tape to make sure it stays put, and then put it back together.

behold the first page of my childrens book. This is only the first color comp. I have a feeling the dog might be a different color, but my scanner works squeegee noise and all!

(amendment: I forgot to mention that JJ aided in the taking apart of my scanner. Without her help and suggestion of the butter knife you would looking at a screen without images....something I do not condone. I was lame to not give her credit. I almost became Julie from Julie & Julia and we CANNOT have that....horrible

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Anonymous said...


This is beautiful. I am so happy every time you post something. It is always lovely and always brightens my mood.

I finally bought a frame for the duck duck moose, it's now hanging peacefully on my wall directly in front of my bed.

Keep at it. I see big things for you.