Sunday, September 6, 2009

New sketchbook or thoughts

I have actually managed to fill all of my small sketchbooks! This is a great feat that I am very happy to have completed however it left me without a sketchbook...odd sensation. I was dappling in the unlucrative art of book making for awhile and decided to make myself a new one. After a battle of the sopo it is complete and here is its cover.
I have been feeling a little out of sort lately. I have been working on some projects and have been making me feel a little stale in the art department. I know this is silly because all my free time is taken up by art. I guess I am used to having some amazing breakthrough every couple months from school, but right now I feel a bit like I am in a couple of styles with no real new developments. This is fine, but I thought evolving as an artist meant some change. Anyway, I am going to take a class Tuesday evenings. It's just figure drawing, but I think I need a change of pace. I am putting too much pressure on myself to be creative, clever, and Milton Glaser. If I like the class I might see if I can find an illustration class somewhere in this big city. I want to get assignments and do weird exercises. Anyway, for now I am going to go work on the projects I do have and maybe cut some more paper.

ps- I am in the market for a sketchbook that has paper that can handle watercolors (because who can have too many sketchbooks!). I would prefer something cheaper than watercolor paper, but with the ability to hold color and not fall apart...and preferably at least 50 sheets. Any suggestions?


jodihoover said...

I use Stonehenge paper for my drawings and I'm pretty sure you can get it in sketchbook form. Since it is milled in the US (rather than Italy or France) it is significantly cheaper.

It is smoother than watercolor paper and absorbs ink a little slower than watercolor paper. I like it because it allows me to work with the colors a little longer. I wet the whole surface so it doesn't warp but if you work in small areas only it may warp more than watercolor paper.

charrow said...

thanks Jodi! I used Exacompta and while really amazing not something I should be buying all the time because it is pretty pricey.