Saturday, December 19, 2009


Placed an order for The Ugly Sweater. It should come next week maybe. If it looks good then I will order a bunch of copies and off it will go. It will be great, but I after shipping at 22 dollars a pop there will be no money for my "new computer fund."

I have been planning to get a new computer as the current one is sooooo slow and at this point almost 4 years old. I think if I get a refurbished and buy Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (JJ has photoshop and word) it will be 3000. I could get the student package, but updates would be a good. I was planning to wait until I get published...but it is going to take more time than I want to wait. I have savings, but I would rather just start from 0 and leave my savings alone.

Ok, enough boring. Will post new work today as we are hiding inside from the snow. I rode my bike today out in the elements and I felt hard core, but now I am going to sit and stay warm.

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