Wednesday, December 30, 2009

True Love

Here is the vectorized version of "True Love" for the new tote. I have asked some clothing designers I know who about transferring images in ways other than traditional screen printing. I really liked what the end product was last time, but this illustration started out as gouache (the other was vectorized to begin with) and I wanted to see if there was a way to transfer that quality to a tote. I have totally seen it on bags and shirts before and if the quality is super high, washable, and accurate than I would rather do that than have to have everything be flat color. I still think it looks cute it just loses some of the delicateness of the original illustration that make it so appealing.

(note: the other issue is that more than two colors on a screen printing job gets super expensive. I have three here and I think that might double the price...but all three colors are super important. The heart as an outline is just not as awesome.)

We got back from worldwind tour of family land Sunday night and I opened Monday and yesterday so I am feeling really behind on my art activities. I have a few new illustrations I will post later today and last night I painted two new mugs and a serving bowl so those will go up too. I am also waiting on the arrival of my mock up of the Ugly Sweater to arrive. This process takes so long and it drives me crazy. I just want it to go out already. I also have to get my work together for the Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Its hard to know what to submit because they have different judges every year and there is some work I did a couple of year ago that I still love. So I think I will send a combo of old and new. Anyway, more to do and my computer is getting slower by the minute.

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