Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The weekend down south was really nice, but somehow too short. I did get to spend time with an amazing dog and happened to run and hike in some great woods, but there we traveled 3 out of the 4 days we were out of NY, which is tiring.I was going to work on illustration stuff, but my head felt completely blank. I have been feeling a little slumpy of late. There are two projects I should get started on, but I just feel kinda flat. I know it will pass, and if the weather continues to get better I might find my missing mojo. I am beginning to work out the next book (whether or not the other one finds a publisher...this waiting game is killing me already). I have some odd details and some basic concepts, but no real plot yet. I guess that is what makes a book, so maybe I have not really started working on it.*
I also did another square illustration that is not good enough to post. I decided to be more formulaic in my color choices and it fell flat. Basically, I used this color pallet.
It really pretty, right? But the colors ended up taking over the concept and I was left with something that felt nice, but too heavy handed.
The colors are good enough to use later for something else, maybe a whale painting or greeting card, but I think I am going to redo the illustration.
Maybe, I will post the fail if the redo accomplishes something.
In the mean time, going to bed, maybe the new children's book will start to solidify.
(Special thanks to Martha Stuart for having great color pallets and the idea of turning stumps into stools.)
*(I just reread this post and realized I have been way more unproductive than I originally thought....bah!)

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