Friday, March 12, 2010

OCD you know me

Working like mad, as usual. I just finished reediting my theispot page, which took forever again. I love this computer, but the whole backlit screen thing makes my eyes tired.
I am patiently (not really) waiting to hear back from anyone regarding my children's book. I consider it a bad sign that I haven't heard from anyone. I am sure everyone is very busy, but in my fantasy when they like the book they responded within two days. In the reality, it seems more likely they will say it is good, but they: a) not sure how to position it in the market (this is actual industry jargon, b) still believe its ending is not strong enough, c) do not know what age group I am appealing to, d) do not feel it is unique enough to really sell.

I know this is all pointless speculation, but if I do not voice my concerns then they just keep playing over in my head like a broken record player. You might be asking yourself, what is a record player, if you are then stop reading this blog you are too young to be reading it.
I have not been creating as much as I would like lately. I made some mugs, which is great, but I need to draw, which is proving harder than anticipated. Today, I plan to do some serious, un-serious, drawing. One of my customers has been unloading her watercolor supplies on me recently, which is a burden I will just have to deal with. Among the things she has been giving me are the most beautiful 22 x 3o 300lb french watercolor papers (I cannot even count how many), even heavier water color paper, and over 100 dollars worth of watercolor sketchbooks and tablets for travel. I hugged her of course. So, I plan to break some of my new toys in. I love art if only I could get this and maybe an apartment or studio that could fit it.
I have a small table, which I love, but of course all I ever want is more desk space. JJ might be having a little heart attack right now as every time I get more surface space I cover it with stuff.
I put up some new art work at Joe and the above painting is part of that set. It was fun to do, but took an insanely long time to complete.
Alright, off to not dwell on things I cannot control and maybe draw some stuff.

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