Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mine Gazpacho

Sent this illustration here.
I did this over the weekend when we were in VA/DC/MD for Father's Day.
This is the only thing I have drawn for myself recently. I have been knee deep in a freelance project, which is my first corporate job. It is really an excellent experience, but for a little bit I doubted my abilities. I felt exactly like I was back in school trying to figure out what my teachers wanted from me and very preoccupied with failure. I did two illustrations for this project that missed the mark, but on the third attempt I accomplished what the client wanted. It was like doing a belly flop off the high dive. It was not pretty, but I did it.
So now I am working on the other two illustrations for this project and I hope its a bit more graceful. Luckily I have the unjudging eye of Buffy view it now on Netflix to keep me company.

I will try to post a little work if I can keep my head above water. I am so stressed about the deadline (next Thursday) that I am not working at all next week at Joe...that's stress. I might attempt Illustration Friday, but the theme is paisley....its a little more literal than I like.
Also, on the 5th (or a bit after) the new art goes up in Joe. I am going to hang new work and maybe focus on having a real opening with some press or something.

I have enough time to dedicated to a little new tote design.


Allison said...

I was not very enamoured of "paisley" either, but I ended up coming up with an interpretation that I'm really happy with. So do give it a chance if you have a spare moment.

charrow said...

Thanks Allison, maybe I will have it be a warm up post eggs and coffee :)