Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vote a Tote

I was going to post a bunch and do a whole vote thing, but I have decided to just really wanted to use this design. Color was a different issue. I had a lot of thoughts on this, but its really important that everything be bold enough to show up on a nature tote. I can post other options if folks are not sold on the color, but I like that they are different and somewhat odd colors.

Now, I am still open to other images on the next tote; however, it has to be something that can become flat color and no more than 4 colors this includes black outlines. Its tough. If I could do smooth color (aka watercolor) the world would be my oyster. I can, but its through a process that is not screen printing and I love the way screen printing looks and feels on bags.

I have a few adjustments such as hand type "bouquet of cats," signature, and website. All done in hand type, scanned, and live traced tomorrow.

For now, have a nice bouquet of cats.

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