Friday, August 20, 2010

A productive day in hiding

I received my check today for the big freelance job I did and let me say, yay! Now if only I could get checks like that more often.

I spent the day drawing and painting this illustration. I wanted to do something fully developed because I have been feeling a bit stale lately. I just have had no time at all and what little time I have had I have spent on work stuff. I am going to try and do more concept driven work as it is always super satisfying. I am going to start on another illustration for theydrawandcook as I am a bit bored with what I submitted. It is ok, but they are going to publish a book and I want my best foot forward if something gets picked.
After that I really need to edit the chidren's book that my lovely bestie edited for me. It is a first draft and needs a lot of work and reworking so this fall is going to be a busy one....poop. I am hoping I can get the book printed by winter. This time I am going to look around for a local place to print 5-10 copies for submission instead of digital files. I also might try and self publish the ugly sweater if I can fix the formatting formatting issues I am having in InDesign.

1 comment:

Uditi said...

lovely colours!
also im in love with your header thing - the cat on the sofa. :)