Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is Zelda, she died this year and a friend of her parents wanted an illustration to give as a gift to the family. I cannot get over how sweet a gesture this was and when my customer came to pick it up he gave me a big hug. I love animals portraits I kind of wish I could do them all the time.

It has been a slow summer for projects. I have been selling some prints and a few animal commissions, but nothing huge. I am anticipating a busy fall, but it all comes down to time. I was promoted at work, yay, but it also means I feel even more pressed for time. I am going to try and get the book done before things really rev up.

We have been going away on a lot of mini holidays, which is another reason I have not been updating or uploading work as much. I was reminded today that we only have 2.5 weeks until we run away to europe for 15 days. Berlin, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam here we come. If you are located in any of these cities and want to get together for a coffee shoot me a comment...and if you want some good single origin coffee from the states or art let me know maybe we can do a trade!

Recent observations: pigeons sit in the middle of street, like they are nesting, early in the morning on the streets of Manhattan. I thought one was hit by a car and just sitting there in shock, but then I saw two more the next morning nesting...and who said New York never sleeps.

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