Sunday, November 14, 2010

Application Elation!

Its done!!! Yes, the big huge massive application for the contest I was applying to is done! I am so excited to have finished and submitted I do not even care if I win anything....almost true. No, really I think half the battle is finishing the applications. You can be an amazing artist, but if you do not apply then you will never win. It was hard because I decided to do the maximum number of illustrations (20) which is a lot and for each you need a statement about the significance of the piece. It is hard to do that many illustrations on very specific themes, but to write about them as well....kill me now. I am an artist because I cannot write, enough said.

So, now that that is done I can do more illustrations for They Draw and Cook. Their contest continues until the 30th so I will see what I can crank out before then. I love doing the drawings for them. In fact, it gave me a book idea. I actually believe the book could sell. I have been struggling with that lately. Writing something that a publisher could place in the market. The books either have to be a series and/or have to strong moral at the end. Its a really hard market right now so I think I will send it out to publishers and do digital publishing (if I can) or maybe print to order.

Oh, the Haystacks recipe was the one chosen for the book! I am super excited. When it comes out I will tell the world to buy it. Below is the repost of the recipe. All my friends want this kitchen....that is what happens when you live in NY, you long for a real kitchen...this kitchen is the size of our apartment.

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