Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Log log slog!

SO many things going on right now.

I am in the midst of working on illustrations for a competition for a Jewish Org. It is extremely outside out of my box so the work is a bit clunky. I am unsure if I will win anything, but even if one illustration wins it is a huge chunk of change...so I am maximizing and doing as many as possible. There are 20 possible illustrations that can win so I am trying to do 20 entries....we shall see its a lot of pressure.

I also received an email from They Draw and Cook about their contest so I am feverishly work on illustrations for that. It is really exciting, but extremely time consuming and detailed work. It also involves me spelling well...which I do not.

I am gearing up for my partnership with RM&G! That's right, I am part of a design firm....its very unreal. There are so really exciting projects that might happen. My partner in design crime Kevin had a second meeting with a possible client and I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this one. I am trying to get the contest work done; I have a feeling this is the quiet before the storm.

I have to get my holiday inventory ready. I usually have a bunch of hand painted ceramics for the holidays and I have not started on them yet. They do not take too long, but it involves sitting down and coming up with designs.

Lastly, my blog will soon be part of my website...like woah. Charrow.com and this blog will be one and more updated. My site is stand alone, which is fine, but really isn't a one stop shop kinda better? I think so. That will take longer than I think it will, but when it happens it will be amazeballs!

I am really really excited about all the projects, but I am also feeling like I have misplaced a couple hours of the day...is it possible? If you happen to find a few please send them my way.

Also, I appreciate all comments! I do not always comment back because its not like FB, you have no idea if I respond. Anyway, thank you thank you! Its nice to know that I am not just writing this stuff for myself. Its silly I know, but I am shooting to have 50 followers by the end of the year...maybe there will be a lil gift for the 50th person to follow me? I am shooting low so I do not feel like a failure if it does not happen.


danielle said...

oh i'll comment fo sho. :) dear char char, your work is awesome, get going on those ceramics so i can buy some up for holiday gifts and i like it when you post advice about not underselling yourself. i'm excited for you and your projects! xo danielle the dizzle

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

If any of you, regular readers, have comments on things you'd like to see the blog do, please let me know: kevin@robotmonsterghost.com