Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have been in a state of complete silent panic over the past couple of days. I am competing in a competition for baristas...yes these things exist and the big ones like U.S. and World champions are even on CNN2. ANyway, I am training, which is super stressful, as I hate public speaking and being watched, but if I am ever going to try, now is the time. So, this has been occupying my brain along with something way more embarrassing...Twilight. I am reading the book. I have lost the respect of friends and it might ruin my reputation....but its actually really good. I am so happy I am not a teen anymore, but its fun and just as well written as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. So, now that it is out there I am off to continue reading and try to focus on the last, potentially, animal illustration of 2010.

Above is an illustration show poster commissioned by Krista, the voice behind AFTERNOON, go check her out the music is amazing.

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