Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mo and Adzuki

Say hello to Adzuki and Mo (possibly the last animal commission of 2010)! These cute little shitzu's belong to Anita Lo the owner and chef of Annisa. It was a complicated task working on this commission as her partner wanted me to include their favorite toys (piggy and bee) and Annisa as Mo and Adzuki are there every day to eat scraps, guard the door, and bark at bad waiters.
The solution I came up with was to make a close up portrait of the two dogs and their toys and use one of the squares, I usually just have a block of solid color, as the window. The windows of Annisa lend themselves to this ideas as they are rather large and square. I created different washes of orange to help create depth and the idea of the interior without being too distracting.

It was a fun exercise and I am really happy with the end result!

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