Monday, December 27, 2010

Two More New Yorker entries

Eustihpster Tilleyberg:
Eustace Marshmallow Man:
I think its time to stop...but its soooo hard once you have started. Some ideas are better than others and I have been double checking to make sure I am not doing something that has already been done. This might seem unlikely, but so far Godzilla and batman (well twoface with the bat signal) have already been done. So, all good ideas have definitely been done. I am trying to think outside the box a bit, but I still worry that some of these might actually be themes. Going to attempt to stop now that we are going home and I probably won't have time anyway.

To see the entries so far or browse from previous years: The New Yorker

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Sam said...

These look good! Is the contest on? I checked out the New Yorker site and could only find the winners from last year.