Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do not have a seizure!

Here is the reading room! Loud and proud. But really, I cannot believe I have so many more to go. Maybe it should be a two page book...
No, I am really happy with this spread. I think I keep setting bigger goals with each picture. The first spread almost feels too boring. I might have to revisit it when the book is done. Its a really hard thing to know for sure because I like my work for about a week or two, generally, until I have something new to compare it to and then its no longer the shiny new toy. SO here is the shiny new toy and maybe I will still like it when the next spread is done. Next us...the plant room or maybe the dining room to tame things down and help with some pacing toward the cacophony of color and insanity. After buying The Wrong Place nothing seems to crazy. (The spreads that are detailed in this link are the tamest...this book is insane in the best way I highly recommend it for the color, style, flow, and concepts...the plot could be better).

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ester said...

Fantastic. As always, I want to crawl into your art and live there.