Saturday, February 19, 2011

Safari in the reading room

I find that as soon as I finish the drawing stage of an illustration I just want to stay at that place where the hard work is done and the possibilities are endless. Its hard because I want the painting to be finished, but I also just want to keep that feeling of "wow this page was blank and now there is a whole world on the page!" So, I am settling for taking pictures as I go to remind myself what it all looked like when it was full of possibilities...and also still looking bit scary.. Yes the rug is insane, but I can totally see this family having an insane rug. If you have a home library why wouldn't you have a rug like this? My parents have persian rugs all over the house, but I cannot see myself having them. I mean aging hipsters with kids and persian rugs...doubtful. Just wait until I draw the sunroom....I am so excite to a room with nothing but plants. Anyway, this is what was accomplished while watching Marley & Me....yes I watched the whole thing and I do not want the 2.5 hours of my life back only because I was also working on this illo. JJ might feel differently.

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Jennifer Noel Bower said...

This post made me chuckle. I have and interior design degree from a gazillion years ago and can soooooo empathsize with rendering insanity within a room. Back in my day we did it with Prismacolor Markers, colored pencils and micron pens. Great job.