Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost on the Internet

I am working on becoming more visible on the internets. I have been consumed with this idea, but I am a little tied to the greater designers who will assist me. Etsy is, as my design partner calls it, is a mall...and people can get distracted or overwhelmed by other sellers. Big Cartel is nice, but I have to really focus on setting up a shop and $10 a month is kinda steep....I am cheap right now. I am going to try the free version first and upgrade. Other changes include a website with a blog built in....I also feel silly for not having that to begin with. I am going over the wordpress and my designer will be helping to figure out how that will look. I like my website, but I hate the scroll and click crap. I want people to be able to see more on one page.

Ok, so being bogged down by big projects and coffee shop stuff has made it hard to do anything I made 5 new cards. The first is above and there will be more tomorrow! I will post them on don't get lost. If you happen to stop and ask for directions...don't ask the squirrel, he is a shifty one.

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