Monday, March 21, 2011

Skinny Figgy Bars!

Yay, to another submission to They Draw and Cook! This fancy recipe is for the year of the fig recipe contest hosted by the California Fig Commission....honestly, as much as I would love the cash prize it would awesome to get a year supply of figs...I mean really.
UPDATE: This Illustration won Second Place, thank you Fig Commission!

Anyway, this one took longer than the others because I felt a bit burnt out on kitchen ideas. I love kitchens, but I always want to draw the same ones. I has to look at Dwell and UnHappy Hipster (yes there is irony in this) for ideas. I also went to the Cloisters this weekend with my mom and took lots of pictures of details in the tapestries and paintings. I tried showing JJ my pictures from the trip, but all I have are really zoomed in images of pieces of things that have no context. At least I am not pretending to be a photographer. In fact, I held back from taking any pictures of the water, skyline, or anything else because I figured JJ and I would go back and SHE would take the real pictures.

Happy this one is done, happy that I am going to pick up my printer tomorrow...again (long story), and happy to slowly resume the children's book. I had to put it down because of this contest and because I am training for the North East Regional Barista Competition at the last usual. It will be great I'm sure, but until it is over I have a low grade sense of impending doom. I hate performing.

Ok, more to come!

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