Wednesday, May 11, 2011


IF: Beginner.
I personally would need a lot more than wheels. Personally I prefer these. I want the pink ones...but I already have 3 pairs that are perfectly good. (I bought two and the 3rd came from a customer at work who did not want hers).


dosankodebbie said...

LOL! Maybe I could have learned to wear high-heels it they had come with training wheels. But they didn't, and I never learned.

Majoni's Illustrations said...

Hahaha! That is funny! Same here...never learned, and I don't even think training wheels would have helped the "fit".

Great illustration!

ellis.illus said...

superb idea and execution :-) you made me start my working day with a mad giggle ;-)

have a sunny thursday!

p.s.: i DO love the sofa and the bird in your header!

Genna Byrne said...

Great idea, they would be a good invention! I've never got into heels because I walk stupidly in them, but for some reason I do like walking around on my tip-toes! :)

Rumisu said...

love this one as well!! I also would need both these and a walking cane :)

Nicole Alesi said...

this is too funny - love your concepts!