Sunday, May 29, 2011

coughing up a lung

Peter De' Seve is so brilliant. I collect his New Yorker covers and now I am looking at his blog while I try to muster energy for my IF submission. I have been working on the book like mad..I am calling it the book from now on. I am training for a silly little marathon and today was the 9 mile run. Ok, so I rode to work...cause I hate the trains...and then worked, rode home, and then it was over 80 and I mean a really not 83 and now I am dead. Horrible. Ok, so I am working forever this week, but I am going to draw something it might be submitted tomorrow. Ok, in the mean time here is something I did not do recentlyit was from when I first learned to paint and I was turning blogs of ink into images. This is a chicken coughing up a lung.

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