Monday, May 2, 2011

Oy in the Oy

Oy, feeling like my coffee:illustration split is not so split right now. I cannot remember the last time I felt super illustration accomplished/successful. I still have no idea how to take the next step in the greeting card kingdom. Its making me sad really. I have a day off tomorrow, which is the first in awhile (where I did not have things planned) and I just need to make a game plan. I have been selling really well at Joe (4 of the 7 stores), but I need to get in other places or rather I would like to.

So, the question is:

How does one accomplish world domination?

(I looked up some things on Paul Frank, my business idol, and he was just lucky enough to be friends with venture capitalists and wealthy entrepreneur in school....If anyone wants to step forward, lets do it.)

I am also taking other ideas...go

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S. B. Frank said...

Charrow - I work with crazy rich (Jewish) entrepreneurs (i.e. I fundraise for a living) and think your work is phenomenal and hilarious! Total world domination awaits your paintbrush, I am sure of it! If I can think of anyone to direct your work to, I will. There is a really cute kitchy store in DC that I could think of pitching your cards to and DC is full of tourists buying way too much stuff out of their budget. But aren't your parents from here... ? Not sure if the card market is your ticket to global rule. But if it is, I would be happy to buy a whole slew of them. They really make me appreciate life in wondrous ways! Anyway, be in touch. I am a huge fan of your work - Shira Frank