Sunday, April 22, 2012

Athenian Shrimp

This is a little something I did tonight for a wedding present commissioned by a friend. I have been itching to try something new for awhile in terms of illustrated recipes. I finally got my chance. It seems that these days I find excuses not to do illustrations unless I am given an assignment. I feel really dumb about that especially because I have had this in my head forever. I have been thinking about Andy Warhol a lot and his really influential illustrated recipes. I am really happy I tried this and I think I needed to do something different to feel like I could. I have been a slump in coffee work and in my art work. I feel like I have been going through the motions. I am happy with this solutions. I hope I can do more work that makes me feel like I'm changing.


dosankodebbie said...

What a wonderful idea for a wedding present!

Btw, I know what you mean by needing assignments to get motivated to paint. I'm retired from a career that was a nightmare of deadlines one after the other. Now that I can use my time as I please, I find that without deadlines I can't keep moving forward. So I make up my own deadlines and assignment. ;p

charrow said...

Thanks for the feedback. Its nice to know I am not alone in the compulsive need to create!