Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have been in a rather substantial funk lately. Its hard to shake depression because there is not reason for it so there seems to be no solution. I get this way when the weather goes from winter to spring, which seems odd but apparently I am not alone in this. Seasonal affective disorder happens in spring more than winter for me. I get this feeling of blah where I cannot really muster the energy to start big projects. I have been having a hard time wanting to draw at all. I am making myself engage and do small projects, but I feel uninspired. I know this feeling goes away and for now I am trying to go through the motions until it passes. They say spring is the renewal season, but as JJ and many of our favorite sitcoms point out its also the season where you realize you are starting the same cycle over again and nothing has changed. I know the cycle has changed a bit, but sometimes I just want to be knocked off my axis.
Speaking of which, I bought something very exciting! (Another side affect of this depression is the desire to purchase things in leu of happiness) I decided it was time to get the Barefoot Ted shoes! If you have read Born To Run then you will know that this crazy guy wears thongs running and has created a thong line. I have vibram five fingers and I wear them every day of the year except when its snowing/raining/below 40, and I love them. I really want to try the thongs for the summer. They can be run in and I can wear them out and about with JJ without being as embarrassing....maybe. I have always loved doing things that seem a little weird or maybe insane and this seemed both. I saw this guy who runs in the park (we call him running man) and he either wears these thongs or runs completely barefoot and I thought how awesome it would be to have them as another way to run barefoot without being completely exposed to the dirt/glass/who-knows-what. AND to matters crazier I bought the do it yourself kit. Yup, I am going to MAKE my own shoes...mind blown.
I will, of course, document this weird endeavor in photo or illustration or both. Also, in equally mind blowing news I ordered a skoby (kombucha mother) for making kombucha. I am excited and nervous for its arrival. I want to do a series with my best friend where we explore the do-it-yourself culture. There is apparently a book about this, but it would be fun to do an series anyway because I am ever optimistic/naive and she is forever skeptical. I kind of want it to be a a cooking show, but or just a video series. I think artisan culture is everywhere and sometimes its worth the effort, but sometimes its not. I recently heard a great planet money podcast where they discussed the issue of artisanry and how its not a fad, but actually the future of business and our generation. I am curious if its actually something we can keep up or if it will slowly kill the internet.
I am going to try try try to start one of the other project monsters I have created for myself. I need distractions that are productive until I hear from my agent. I hate this game.

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