Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brewing Methods

This is a little project I have been stewing over for awhile. I wanted to make a little coffee brewing lab of different manuel brewing methods. I put the La Marzocco in the image because its always in brewing labs even though its not a full manuel method. I know that a less crazy coffee person might wonder why there is no mr coffee. The answer is a manuel method is something you can fully control and adjust quality of as you. Mr. Coffee has so many variables that are outside of your control that is makes for the least ideal brewing method. Some of the methods represented here have fancy new styles, bodies, and colors. I wanted to choose the models that these methods are recognizable by. I also included an extract mojo, scale, hand grinder, and an scaa flavor wheel. 
I am really happy with how this turned out and I plan to make some accompanying "how to's."

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