Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funky Chicken

It was brought to my attention that I was not having a good time with this Kraft thing. In class I presented and all I heard was "concerns" about this and that. Then other people presented, not computer mock ups, but sketches. I had worked to completion on these recipe cards and our prof liked them about as much as burnt toast. I was angry and I was getting angrier and more frustrated as the class went on. I hate not liking a class and I feared a repeat of 3rd quarter where I was angry and did not know how to express it without blowing up or breaking down. So I did what a mature person would, I did not walk out in a huff, I spoke to the teacher after class. me: "This isn't working, is it?" "I just don't feel like you are happy with this directions." "You are bored aren't you?" (It sounded like the beginning of a break up) her: "I have seen your stuff and I was expecting something a little crazy and different." me: "You told me no characters" her: "Oh, did I frighten you." me: "yes, yes you did."
I showed her some sketches and some things I had written and she got excited. She wants me to draw. So without anymore blah blah blah here is the first of 3 ideas I am working on for the ad. They are supposed to be funny, eye catching, and appeal to parents who want to cook like their parents did but in half the time.

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