Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kraft menu cards. collect all 7!

The last week I have been working on these Bruscetta chicken bake recipes. It is one page for a magazine ad and these are the mock ups of what I am going for. We had a week to come up with 7 and we have one more week to get the final and send it off to Kraft. This is not stressful at all. Actually it is really fun, but I have to pretend that is not for a contest. You can look at your work compared to others and say, "wow, what makes mine different? Why would anyone choose mine? There is always someone out there better than me. I like to think I have this beat, but its hard to ignore the air of competitiveness. Anyway, it has been awhile since I have posted and I thought I should share what has been going on. I am focusing on the family market with a specific emphasis on reinventing a classic. The look is vintage with an updated palate. I may do one more funny one something along the lines of "giving your chicken a makeover." I think my problem is finding a balance between making the design fit the target audience, making the client happy, and letting my personality show through.

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