Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carbon copy conundrum

I have been trying to be productive in this in between time which is difficult for my wandering brain. I did a very cute sketch on the plane back from NY and proceeded to do the first painting of said illustration. Now as you might know if you spend enough time around me that I redo an illustration at least 4 times....I hope to get it down to two eventually. For whimsical paintings this is not the case, but for illustrations with multiple people, background, dramatic lighting, and theme it takes a little more screwing up in order to get it right. I copied the sketch on tracing paper and as the first painting looks lack luster I went to copy it to another piece of board. I use a home made carbon sheet, but the sheet is no where to be found. I spent the last three hours looking for the sheet and only half paying attention to Pushing amazing show that takes all the cuteness and creative stage settings of amelie and makes a great show. SO now I have to wait to redo my painting. I hate waiting.
To make a home made carbon sheet is very simple if you have the right ingredients:
Vellum, bestine, and pastel (chalk and not oil)
Take your piece of vellum and rub the chalk pastel all over it (I use blue because it makes a subtle line), then take a cloth or paper towel and rub bestine over your now chalk covered vellum, and let it dry. Ta da! You now have a reusable piece of carbon paper. Your final step is the bring it to my apartment because mine is missing....
But really its great and you can reuse it many times. The bestine seals the chalk pigment into the vellum and makes it resistant to rubbing off except when you transfer.
On a brighter note I spent the evening sending emails to reps. If you are an illustrator looking for a rep, also known as representation or an agent, go to: or (this one I have not tried yet). I know there are more sites, but I am just getting started. Hopefully tomorrow I can do another version or two so I have some images to upload.

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