Sunday, October 26, 2008

A full plate

I am lazy when it comes to uploading new work that I cannot scan. JJ is usually the photographing/photoshopping go to person, but she is busy being broken (lazy) so here is my latest.

Whale and balloons on wood panel

Little boy in a whale and balloon on panel

Bird and flower on a plate.

I am doing a whole series of paintings on plates for sale at the holiday festival. If they sell well I will do a slew more for Brooklyn craft fairs. They are a lot of fun. I got the idea from another crafty blogger. Hers are a lot more expensive than mine will be, but to each their own (maybe her plates are organic).


herding tapeworms said...

free range porcelain!

elsabelle said...

I vote for a non-GMO tea mug.

charrow said...

hah! just made one of those today. free range even. It can roam around the apartment all it likes.