Sunday, February 21, 2010

blah in the shnu

I have been feeling a little bummed lately and bitter. I feel like I have been really productive, but also really hermity and not because I want to be. Its hard in the winter because all I want to do is sleep and stay inside, but I DO like doing things too I just need a bit of a push sometimes. I feel like that push has been absent and while I enjoy my HGTV I also enjoy real people.
I think my mission for my next days off is to not just do career things, but initiate hang out time. I have mastered grav lox and really isn't that enough of a hook to make people want to come over to our little apartment?

Things to do in the city:

go to boozerdoodle type activity...aka figure drawing in a bar

go to comedy show or drag bingo

get some culture at a museum (which we did a month ago, but really you can never have too much culture)

reestablish craft night

go to the Moth

maybe take an art class?

Join a riding team or group as long as they are not too fancy or matchy


Things to avoid (in the city and really anywhere):

Feeling high school about being left out

Being annoyed at what people post on Facebook

Not being happy for others

Being angry at the world

Being angry while riding my bike through traffic

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Rebecca said...

Yes, to all of it.