Friday, February 19, 2010

Use it, don't abuse it

I have made a few large leaps in the past 24 hours. So far I have corrected and sent off The Ugly Sweater for another round of judgment and I uploaded images to my Theispot. Theispot was a very serious investment and I hope it pays off. I have been reluctant to invest so much money in something that I do not know is a sure thing. Making bags is an investment, but I have something physical I can be proud of and in this case its just pixel vapor.
But really, to get all this done I have had to use my time like its a deadline for the New Yorker (speaking from no experience). A couple of years ago, when I did not have an established style, I tried to make time for my art around working full time. I found it really hard and I think because I feel like I have a more solid direction now it really drives me to focus on working even if it means I have no social life beyond Project Runway and 30 Rock.
SO now I wait, but actively of course. I am going to be working on some animal illustrations that target the animal show audience. I would like to do more animal portraits.
Enough talk, look at this
(ps-I'm sorry JJ for my lameness)

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