Thursday, February 18, 2010

No news is annoying news

Dear Charrow –

I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been enjoying looking at your pages and thank you for bringing the by. It’s charming stuff, full of life and with great colors and visual sensibility. But I’m afraid that I didn’t come away from it quite fully convinced this was something I’d be able to represent successfully. As appealing as it is, I found it hard to identify with Oliver for some reason, and I think that’s really the key to getting young readers attracted to a story. I’m sorry for not being more positive, but thanks nonetheless for giving me a chance to review it.


Mind you I am not and was not looking for an agent, but this individual showed interested in my book and I wanted the opinion of a literary agent. When one does not seek out approval or rejection does it count? I think its along the lines of a tree falling in the woods when no one is present to hear it. The opinion still hurts, but luckily I do have the ear of people who are actually in the business of publishing children's books.

In fact, today I spent the whole morning and early afternoon addressing the concerns of an editor at a publishing company. I changed the end of the book and shortened it to the 40 pages that is the apposed to the 58 my book had become. Now that the edits are done my agent will check for errors that I will correct, and then it can be sent back for another round with the publisher.
If that is a big fail a woman at another very large publisher bought some art from me on etsy and said she could direct my book to the right editors for children's books. Sooo the ball is rolling.

Now, no more thinking, here's a picture.

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