Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dressed to Repress

I have been doing a fare amount of drawing, but not much in the way of scanning...obviously one is more fun than the other. Usually, its not such a big deal, but as my computer gets more and more sluggish everything becomes a big deal. I was supposed to buy a refurbished computer at the end of January, but they no longer have the one I want on the site. I was going to wait and see if another came up, but I might just break down and visit my friend who works at the Mac store. The only upside to going into the store and getting a new one would be a free ipod (for my sis) and a nearly free scanner (because one can never have too many scanners). The other issue is the new macbook pro seems to lack the older firewire port. I cannot understand why they would get rid of it, but if I go into the store I might be able to find a version that has it. Or I could just do what everyone else does and upgrade.
I am also wondering if I should wait until after I do my taxes just in case I owe the government 2000 dollars....cause we all know I make soo much money.

Mainly, I am wasting time. I will get one very soon and then I will focus on complaining about how little time I have to play with my new toy.

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