Sunday, November 18, 2007

bird brain

This was something I did a couple of weeks ago but have been too into my design work to get to it. So here is the bird bath.

This is a poster for Jason Atwood's little toys for tots project. People donate toys for the holidays and instead of dropping them off somewhere bike kids come and pick the toys. It a bike race so teams are given points based on how far they have to go and I think also on the size of the toy maybe? Anyway, I have left some room for text so he can make it into a poster or just as a little post card.

This is just something I did because I do not do enough illustrated type. I have a feeling this will be a book cover for a compilation of my work. We had a seminar the other day and the topic was Is illustration dead? My answer of course is yes, if you are blind, (i am sorry if you are blind this is not meant to offend you...although you cannot read this anyway...which I am also sorry about. I have poor taste.)

Ok, I have real projects now that I should get to b/c dead cartoon squirrels are not going to get my 120 page book done.

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