Tuesday, November 27, 2007

like the wind

I got the ok or something on this little concept so I am going forward so I can work on bigger and better things...such as my book. My huge book of yiddish.....so much yiddish. I ordered my INT's which means I am one step closer to being done with my Kraft stuff. I did not realize that this was the last week of classes....oops....so yeah. Turkey day was good minus a power cord death which is only a problem if you are doing your work on the 10 hour car drive home so you can have your 125 page book printed and ready for sunday class.....oops. It all worked out ok after we took a detour to a crowded mac store where i dropped 80 dollars so i could have 7 more hours of work time..will post some of the successful spreads in a bit. For now enjoy this.

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