Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cats on my ears

Its true. I was asked by my potential future rep to draw more "marketable" stuff with ipods and whatever else, but I have been so anxious that it just won't come. Instead I have been doing weird things:

Exhibit A:

It is true we are still waiting on the apartment people to plan an interview...they have not scheduled it yet....and we put in our application 2 months ago....Atlanta has a death grip. Now they want to have proof of employment.....I am speechless.
Luckily my future employer knows the ways of the co-op board and wrote and faxed a letter without delay. Maybe we will get in by New Years.
In the mean time I have more new work....soon to come


Alexandra Hedberg said...

it's more inspiring than iPods. I think it would be very soothing if the cats were pouring. And warming!

charrow said...

And you can always pet one to drown out the world...there is nothing as soothing as a purring cat.