Sunday, November 16, 2008

Limbo how low can it go

I shouldn't be here anymore. It is really difficult to express how I am feeling because I have verbalized everything already. The issue right now is we are still waiting. Not only that but we still have no clue, we will probably have to fly up for an interview, we are scared that we will not move in until dec 1. That would mean a plane ticket to Ny for an interview and then a plane ticket home for thanksgiving....because I promised my folks. So instead of taking a vamoose bus round trip for 30 dollars I will be paying $$ for a thanksgiving plane flight. I am so sad. I also have a job, a freelance interview, and a job interview waiting for me when I get to NY, but currently have no $ coming in. I look for stuff on craigslist, but its slow going and there are no shifts at Octane right now. If I could do something I would not be as concerned, but as it is going my moving fund is dwindling. NOt ok.
Craft fair was ok, but the economy made it less than fruitful and the people that bought stuff were friends more than strangers. I love that my friends bought stuff, but they have as much money as me. Poop.

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