Sunday, November 30, 2008

hits the spot

I am currently in MD for the Thanksgiving and maybe a trip up to NY for an interview?? Well we are just hoping we have had no reason to believe we will have an interview we just want it would be easier to take a train up, interview, come down to my folks, and drive back to ATL. Because a plane ticket is kinda expensive....and I have no job.

We did get to go peregrine espresso which JJ will post a few pictures from soon. Seeing Ryan was amazing and the shop looked so beautiful...when I open a shop I want it to have a similar look and feel. It was modern and bright but still cozy and inviting. Anyway, it was a great time and they were doing some amazing things with coffee. Stuff that is common sense, but overlooked.

I cant really say there is much else going on besided eating and sleeping. I have been in contact with everyone in NY except the apartment people. I have been in regular emailing with Jonathan which is great. I think I will really like it at Joe's.

The only real problem right now is being done with school I "should" be finding a job in a design firm and have a real job for a year.
I did not do a good job of defending myself against my father on the thanksgiving "vacation." We will see what happens in the next couple of months to either give me a better argument or send me to an office.


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