Saturday, November 8, 2008

The waiting game

"Still no word from the board, but I did hear from the management company.

No luck on the Skype idea. She says you will both need to be present for the interview, when it happens."

that's right we are going to have to shell out two plane tickets for an interview for an apartment and we don't know when it will happen....we have no time line and dwindling resources.

For those of you who want to hang out we will be here a bit longer....the south has a death grip.


LCAmazing said...

I'd like to take credit for the death grip, but...

In any event, that sucks a lot except that I'm really glad you're here longer. Stay til December 3--help me celebrate #26! Oh! And if you need me to cat-sit, I will. (I definitely made this all about me, which was not my intention.)

charrow said...

That's great. We are sick of it being about us, especially because it is never good. If we are here past Nov 30th then we will be living on the street.....or under the building

LCAmazing said...

or on my couch.

ester said...

or on my couch.