Friday, August 8, 2008

book covers again

I did some image adjustment. I asked two friends what the images were. One friend proclaims herself as someone who misses a lot of conceptual things and the other was an art history major in college. The conceptually deficient friend got what the top image was, but not the one below it. The art history friend did not get either one. So, like any good designer I refined both. Anyone up for a guess?


Laura said...

Top=cactus? Bottom=crying plant?

I'm also kinda conceptually-deficient, maybe.

charrow said...

Yes! the more conceptually deficient the better. This has to be something anyone can access ...well anyone who reads or goes into book stores to look at trash magazines.(ps- the fact that you understood my torn paper creations makes you proficient)

Laura said...

And I read AND go into book stores to look at trash magazines!

I asked Jeffrey to look, and he said, "Well, the top one has a fish. And the bottom one is a dripping plant."

(Fish=cactus flower)

charrow said...

hurrah! maybe I have a future in book covers.