Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dramatic painting.

Its on the way. This group illustration is going to be the death of me. I need an illustration that is of a group. This is the fourth version of this little piece. I know it is not quite right still and I sent it to my prof to ask her opinion. She said the light on the faces was not quite getting it. SO I am going to attempt to fix this one and if is still not working I will do a 5th version. While correcting is all fine and good sometimes its a matter of letting paper show where there is light rather than building up white pigment. This lighting is also especially difficult b/c its coming from below so everyone is supposed to be underlit/ theatrical which is not natural looking. If Degas were alive then I would send him an email asking for guidance. Seeing as he is not alive and I do not have a connection with the great beyond I will have to light JJ with a flashlight in a creepy campfire way and photograph it. I will get this...oh yes I will.

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