Sunday, August 24, 2008

Night of the Living Dead

I never really listened to the words to Night of the Living Dead by Tilly and the Wall, but today while working a book about me I happened to hear the familiar reference to Atlanta. Ever since I moved here I started noticing that a lot of songs reference ATL and not just hip hop songs. When the Postal Service made a reference to Washington DC (the district sleeping alone tonight) I felt a strong connection and pride for my home. When I hear reference to ATL all I can think is "I am surviving this hole and I have the emotional scars to prove it. Yeah, I am being melodramatic, but I hate the looks. The disgust and anger like somehow me being a homo cause the economy to suck and for the roads to be littered with craters they have the audacity to call potholes...more like black holes. Maybe its just because I have so little to focus on aside from school that when I venture out it is to places where one would see the grocery store, gas station, restaurants, malls, and running. I have been holding my breath for two years and I am the better off of the two of us. The other day someone said to me "charrow, I didn't realize you hated Atlanta so much." Have you ever talked me before? I would rather be a little fish in a huge pond than a fish too big for the pond.

btw: I live off of North Ave. and there are prostitutes.

Oh and just when we thought we were no longer lost
They kicked us out into the dirty streets of Atlanta
So it's Friday night down on North Avenue
Where gas station parking lot prostitutes
Tried to fix their hair in our rearview mirrors


mandy catron said...

the south is an awful hole isn't it??

I'm sorry you're still stuck in the suckfest. love love, mandy

Laura said...

No, you're not being melodramatic. You're the one living it, and it's real and it's shitty.

I was actually thinking the other day about how privileged I am to be in a hetero relationship and work at a place where a majority of my coworkers aren't hetero-I either "pass" or I'm surrounded by people like me. And I really, really hate how privilege works.


charrow said...

Yeah. Its so hard being here and feeling so angry about it. I hate being angry b/c Im generally a happy person. Funny today we had a bad experience in the Publix that validated my feelings even more. JJ wrote about it.

Jes said...

I love that song. :)

And yeah, Atlanta's pretty bad--I can't wait to get out of here next summer!