Sunday, August 17, 2008

A shape experience. These are for a book I am making for the post kindergarten crowd. Kindergarten is essentially an introduction to design. It helps kids develop a relationship between shapes and nature...well at least that is principle it was built on. After kindergarten children are thrust into first grade and thus begin their decent into structure, discipline, and hatred of school. For some reason there is no no bridge from kindergarten to first grade. This book is for kids who want to continue their design experience (or rather parents who want to continue their children's visual education). The spreads will have colors that are harmonies so that children can focus on the shapes and not be overpowered by the color. While they do not make actual images they will, hopefully, inspire kids to play more with shapes and not feel constrained by making literal image. I have an image in mind for each collage, but I do not want to influence viewers so I am going to keep my thoughts to myself.

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