Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am hard at work or something while browsing blogs with breakfast I looked over JJ's shoulder and saw a familiar image of a woman floating in a house. It was a piece by Gregory Crewdson an amazing photographer who's work looks more like a still from a movie than photography. His photographs are slice of life if life is the twilight zone. I saw his work in New York, not at the MOMA as you might think, but in a Manhattan apartment. I was baby sitting for a nice lesbian couple who have a Cambodian baby girl (you think I am kidding but I'm not) and live in an apartment in Battery Park facing the statue of liberty. After 9/11 the prices of apartments near ground zero dropped. They had had a place facing ground zero and after the market broke they moved to the other side of the building facing the butt of the statue of liberty. The apartment was everything you would expect from a couple who could afford to own in Manhattan. It was impeccably furnished with forties wood and leather chairs and amazing art. Even the babies room had been touched by the hands of taste. The walls had graphic images painted on it by my cousin who is a successful artist (who also owns in Manhattan) and for awhile I wished this was my family. The thing I remember most was that they had a huge photograph in the living room by Gregory Crewdson. By huge I mean 5 feet wide by 7 feet tall. It was of a boy in a shower reaching down into the guts of the house. It was so cool. I may never have that kind of money, but at least I had the story seeing an original Crewson in a private home.

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