Thursday, August 28, 2008

Magnetic life

Sometimes you need a little change. Last night I was feeling burnt out after two hours of printing....which equates to only 3 book jackets. I decided to cut up some magazines and came up with some collage doodles. I think I might do a bit more of this when my portfolio is done. I am shooting to be finished with everything in the next two weeks. I think during crit week for the rest of the pc kids (I don't have crits as we will be going to NY for real life abuse from possible employers. Altho in this market place I might just go to 9th street while Im there and ask for a job.)
I did a bunch of these in high school and like magnetic poetry it is really easy to make yourself feel good when you cut up existing stuff and new compositions. I love magnetic poetry. They should come up with magnetic parts of magazines so people can make magnetic collages. Maybe I will do that when I am done with school.

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ester said...

those are awesome. i love you.