Monday, February 23, 2009

No rest for the worried

So JJ is off in the land of NC going to the funeral of a man she did not really know and who essentially has been a vegetable for the past three years.
It is extra lonely here and while I have time to get work ready for my rep I am feeling what life could be like without her around...and I do not like it.
Today I worked my new co-op shift as a cashier. It is usually a really boring shift since the world of debt cards, but today they were down and on my first shift I was busy the whole time. This of course would have been great, but I had one bad experience than kind ruined it for me. A woman came up and wanted to use her EBT (electronic food stamps) and we ran her card and it did not work. We thought it was just her card, but it turned out that all electronic payments did not work. Anyway, she was passed on to me and it did not work again...and she decided to pay in cash. She handed over all the money she had 75 dollars and as she did covered her face and said "this is not how it is supposed to work! The system is supposed to work." It was really uncomfortable and I felt terrible. Of course, then our machines were down and we were told to send all people with food stamps and ebts up to the office. It was too late for her b/c she had already left and I wish I had told her to go up to the office..even though I had no idea what I was doing and the person training me obviously did not tell me to do otherwise. It sucks even more b/c I asked if she could be given her money back if she came in and instead her ebt run through and the girl training me said no. I hope she tries anyway, b/c really why cant this be fixed? It was akward enough and I felt so responsible.

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